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We are a full service production company for film and television, from script development to post-production, depending on the needs of our clients.
We will also line produce a project.
We do not do high-action, gore, or pornographic genres nor films requiring significant amounts of CGI.

Who Are We.

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Our Process.

We begin with a screenplay we option from a writer who has contacted us for our services. We work with the writer developing the screenplay, then we begin the search for a director for the project. Once a director is optioned, we continue to develop the screenplay based on the director's vision for the project. Now it is time to budget the project! At this point the screenplay is ready to send to talent for LOIs. When the needed LOIs are in place, we go to our funding sources to secure financing. After we get the financing, well, you know the rest!

Our Approach.

Honesty, integrity, and whole lot of FUN!!

Our Goal.

We work diligently to provide high quality films deserving of awards in the $1M to $10M range. However we will produce any project under $50M that is highly marketable and that possesses a compelling storyline.

Our Mission.

MJR Films strives to produce films in which everyone on the project is proud to have been a part.

Our Rockstar Team.

Michael J. Roth


Michael J. Roth started MJR Films in 2000 after retiring from a career as a medical doctor in Los Angeles. He joined his long time friend, Steven J. Wolfe, at Sneak Preview Entertainment in project development and production. His first project was 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, starring Zoey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. As his knowledge and experience grew, he started his own production company and filmed several other award winning films in cooperation with Sneak Preview, proving his ability to produce great films. He is currently the president and owner of MJR Films.

Vicki Palatas


Vicki joined MJR Films in May 2011 after spending 5 years reading screenplays and going to sets as a "stage mom" to her three sons, Nick, Phillip, and Cameron. She has had a life punctuated with musical theater and chorale participation as well as solo vocal performances. Her passion for the theater and music combined with a general love of reading most anything written and her experience in the financial industry operations made her uniquely qualified for becoming a producer. Her first project with MJR Films was in the production of SILENT BUT DEADLY.

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